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Meet Robin

Hi, I’m Robin and I’m the person behind the camera at Robin Reidy Photography!

I have worn a few different shoes in my time (I know it’s meant to be ‘hats’ but I’m more a shoe kinda girl!)  But it’s the ever-changing world of photography where I finally felt at home! From Playing in the darkroom - watching the images come to life, to the advent of digital photography and all that that brought with it. Now we are able to do things we never would have thought were possible!!

Capturing these "Moments in Time" has always resonated on a personal level with me.  That one, crazy simple moment - that will never come around again but with something as simple as a photography, we can relive the memories over and over. 

I'm lucky enough to have photographed some truly, amazing, every day people over the years and they, in turn, have completely changed my world!  Who knew this country girl would still have a camera in her hand almost 30 years down the track!

RR  x